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After 20 + years in the entertainment business, Chonique has continued  to inspire, motivate, and share her knowledge with the next generation of Artists.  Offering guidance and lessons  to empower them to
create  and sustain the career of their dreams.

How is it possible to maintain a career as a dancer, choreographer, artist  and educator and make a living while doing what you love? Chonique's vision is clear... the art of Navigation, and learning to accept change while recognizing YOUR present Flow.

Chonique has mentored  countless artists, and over 200 participants  graduated  from her mentorship program "Creating Opportunities", which prepared and inspired those who are taking their careers in their own hands and creating magic.
It's a journey...not a destination.
Peace & Thrive
Chonique Sneed

Chonique Sneed, 2022